Is Rep. Weiner starting to look guilty—or does he just need better PR? (UPDATED)

The congressman’s response to allegations that he tweeted a picture of his underpants is so flawed that he could lose in the court of public opinion. UPDATE: Weiner appeared on MSNBC last night, a home court if he ever had one, and the wheels fell off during an interview with Rachel Maddow.

That was the reaction from most people when they heard allegations that Rep. Anthony Weiner tweeted a close-up photo of men’s underpants—allegedly his own, with him in them—to a college student in Washington state.

The Democratic congressman from New York—who has been especially outspoken in his criticism of GOP legislators in recent months—said his account was hacked, and most people seemed to accept it. As expected, though, conservative and liberal blogs didn’t let the issue die. The right claimed he did do it; the left cried hoax and opportunism.

Meanwhile, Weiner hired a lawyer and a private investigator, and hoped the issue would go away.

He should’ve hired a better PR person.

The issue has not gone away, mostly because his attempts at media relations have backfired. It’s left some people asking: Wait a sec, did he do this?

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