Is social media the end of social graces?

Avoid the pitfalls of poor etiquette on your online networks with these reminders.

We are in the midst of the biggest shift in communication since the telephone was invented.

The evidence is everywhere: social media, text messaging, Snapchat, Instagram, video calls, etc. To remain effective, we must examine how we communicate, think critically about our messaging and work to understand the various platforms we use.

WORKSHOP: Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to get huge results.

Here are a few tips for flourishing when using social media:

  1. Don’t respond to a post or comment out of emotion. Process what you have read or seen, and give yourself time to reflect before commenting out of anger or jealousy. Your audience will be grateful.
  2. Remember who your “friends” are. Think before you make an important announcement on Facebook or Twitter. Your clients and influential users should be told beforehand.
  3. Keep your personal conversations personal. Social media mangers must learn to separate their personal lives from their professional personas. There is no need to take your private life public. Tweeting your boyfriend that you love him or telling your sister how angry you are on Facebook will only open up dialogue to those who have no need for involvement.
  4. Don’t brag. No one likes a bragasaurus in person, so why would they “like” one on social media? It’s fine to share news about your brand’s achievements, but if that turns into a brag-fest, you will be unliked, unlinked and unfollowed.

Leslie Shore is speaker, communication expert, professor and author. She also owns Listen to Succeed, a consultancy that focuses on using listening analytics.

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