Jaguar’s Instagram contest revs up fans

The automaker asks fans to take photos of their favorite Jaguar cars and upload them to a Facebook app using a special hashtag. It’s drumming up excitement for the new F-Type model.

A good many car enthusiasts have dreamed of owning a brand new Jaguar, but not all of them have been able to afford it. At least now they can capture one.

Throughout January, Jaguar USA is encouraging Intagram users to take photos of their favorite Jaguars and send them in using the #CaptureaJag hashtag. All the entries are then put on display via a Facebook app showcasing the new F-Type model. The person with the winning shot gets a chance to be one of the first people in the United States to test drive an F-Type.

“We are looking for photos that exemplify the brand essence and show the beauty of Jaguar cars,” says Ray Warren, digital marketing manager for Jaguar USA. “They should be bold, dynamic, and alive, but also showcase the car.”

So far, the company has received more than 1,000 photos in the contest, and that number aligns with Jaguar’s initial expectations, Warren says. Plus, it’s creating considerable excitement for the sporty F-Type.


The #CaptureaJag hashtag actually predates the contest, Warren says. The company began using the hashtag on Instagram for photos of cars, and fans picked up on it.

“The contest is an extension of this effort, and we think it will increase overall awareness of this hashtag,” he says.

The idea for the contest itself arose as Jaguar North America and agencies Carrot Creative and Spark44 started work on the F-Type community app on Facebook.

“Once the wheels were set in motion in September, design and development took a little less than two months,” Warren says. “We decided to tease the contest and launch after the holidays.”

The decision to throw together Facebook and Instagram just seemed to make things simpler, he says. Fans were already taking pictures of Jaguars using Instagram, and there were already plans for a Facebook app, so why not combine them?

Pedal to the metal

Though Facebook and Instagram are the major pieces of the contest, other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Google+ are playing big roles in getting word about the contest out to Jaguar fans. The top tweet on Jaguar USA’s Twitter profile is a promoted tweet encouraging fans to enter for the “once in a lifetime opportunity” to test-drive the F-Type.

Jaguar is paying for advertising on Facebook and is making traditional PR pitches to promote the contest, too. It’s also requiring entrants to “like” the Jaguar Facebook page.

“We see this as an opportunity to bring these people into the Jaguar family,” Warren says.

The company’s asking fans to help amplify the message by promising that contest entrants who share their photos with friends might get a bit more attention from the judges.

“While this does not necessarily affect the finalists, we will pay more attention to photos that are shared more often,” Warren says. “The assumption is if a photo is shared multiple times, it will resonate with our fans.”

Also within the Facebook app is a special news section full of tweets, forum posts, news articles, images, and videos. Fans also have the opportunity to “become a member” of an F-Type email group and receive special offers.

“We have already invited some of these members to exciting exclusive Jaguar events including the ‘Skyfall’ premiere, our XFR-S reception at the L.A. Auto Show, and a Google+ Hangout with Ian Callum, Jaguar design director,” Warren says.

The final stretch

When entries close Feb. 1, teams from Jaguar, Spark44, and Carrot Creative will convene to decide on the contest’s eight finalists, to be announced Feb. 8.

“When looking at winning photos, we want the full package: sophisticated, unexpected, and bold imagery,” Warren says.

Once the finalists are announced, Facebook users will have the final say, through a vote, about who wins the grand prize.

“This gives the power to our fans and lets them truly have an impact on the winning submissions,” Warren says.

Throughout the contest, Jaguar has been showcasing a few entrants’ photos in Facebook updates and they really seem to be getting fans revved up. A photo posted Tuesday gained 5,420 “likes,” 594 shares, and 120 comments in less than 24 hours.

Most of the comments on that post focused on how much people liked and wanted the car, but other posts specifically about the contest have people asking how they can participate.

“I need to upload my Supercharged XJL. How do I do that here?” asked one fan.

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