JCPenney revives its print catalog

Is the retail chain’s revival of its classic catalog a savvy business move or a needless nostalgia trip?

You may want to stop the death knell for printed content. It’s showing signs of life once again.

Case in point: JCPenney, which has seen its share of financial woes in the past few years, is cranking up the printing presses and putting out a catalog for the first time in five years.

Why, when every retailer is focused on Web sales, is JCPenney going back to print? To boost online sales, of course.

From Consumerist:

They aren’t a catalog in the traditional sense, but an aspirational magazine featuring products that shoppers can then visit the website to order. Retail consultancy firm Kurt Salmon claims that 31 percent of shoppers use a print catalog when they shop online, which sounds incongruous but may actually be a thing.

JCPenney CEO Myron Ullman, who initially ordered the company to stop producing the catalog, tells The Wall Street Journal that he expects consumers to thumb through the publication and then head to the Web to make their purchases. What do you think? Is reviving a print document of stuff for sale a smart move on the chain’s part?


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