Jilted employee live-tweets layoffs—from company account

The employee, 21-year-old social media planner Poppy Rose Cleere, has reportedly received ‘many job offers’ after the incident. 

HMV, a British electronics company, laid off about 190 people on Thursday.

An employee at the company—later identified as 21-year-old social media planner Rose Cleere, who was among those laid off—live-tweeted the events from the HMV Twitter account, blasting messages to the company’s 70,000 followers.

The tweets contained a healthy dose of gallows humor. For instance:

“We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!! #hmvXFactorFiring”

According to the London Evening Standard newspaper, Cleere has received “many job offerings” following the incident.

The company deleted the tweets, but The Guardian‘s Jonathan Haynes captured the tweets and shared them via TwitPic before they disappeared:

Cleere weighed in on her Twitter account, offering some explanation about her actions. For instance, she tweeted:

She also used her personal feed to explain to HMV how to shut her out of the company’s Twitter account:

Later, the company offered its own explanation via Twitter:

(via Business Insider)


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