KFC embraces nostalgia with its new Colonel Sanders

Jason Alexander, known for his role as George Costanza in “Seinfeld,” is promoting the fast-food chain’s family meals. The spokesman launched his role with an ‘80s-style commercial.

George likes his chicken spicy—but now, it appears he likes his chicken crispy, too.

The famous line uttered by “Seinfeld’s” George Costanza might dance through your head as you watch KFC’s latest ad featuring its new Colonel Sanders, Jason Alexander:

AdAge reported:

… In the spot, released Monday, parental roles and those of others in the cast, like the ever-present nosy neighbor, can apparently be filled by the colonel. There’s also a somewhat creepy couch that we’ll let you see for yourself. Another spot depicts him presenting an unusually wide tray of KFC’s latest offerings–with unusually long arms to match.

CNBC reported:

KFC’s advertising with Alexander started running on Monday. KFC updated its Facebook on Monday with pictures and commercial spots that feature Alexander holding a tray with the four types of $20 Fill Ups — all decked out in white hair and the colonel’s signature ‘stache and goatee.

KFC also tweeted a message with Alexander:

KFC’s commercial more closely resembles an ’80s sitcom rather than “Seinfeld,” but the fried chicken chain said in a press release that the comedian was “perfect” as its next spokesman:

Alexander’s background as a star of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time makes him the perfect choice to play KFC’s “Family Colonel” and bring this family dinner conundrum to life.

“As the son of two working parents, there were plenty of dinnertimes when a bucket of chicken and all the fixins saved the day,” said Jason Alexander. “It’s been fun to combine my personal love for KFC with my sitcom experience into a new take on the role of Colonel Sanders.”

Adweek reported:

… Alexander brings his signature combination of grating impatience and idiosyncratic charm to the fast food chain’s ongoing campaign from Wieden + Kennedy. Previous celebrity colonels have included the likes of Rob Lowe, Reba McEntire and George Hamilton, with each iteration taking the marketing in a slightly different direction.

… In the anthem spot, Alexander is the Mr. Belvedere-esque star of a family sitcom where the intro rapidly escalates into the extreme, itself reminiscent of Adult Swim’s iconic sendup “Too Many Cooks.”

Embracing the new role, Alexander also told Today he likes his fried chicken a particular way. It’s not spicy, but he enjoys it with an odd pairing:

A longtime fan of comfort food, Alexander didn’t have any problem identifying with the colonel’s love of chicken. “Have you noticed my waistline over the years? When I’m out and about it is no lie, you will see me at a KFC!” Alexander told TODAY Food.

He even admitted to a pretty wacky fast-food habit: Since he loves peanut butter, the actor often enjoys pairing it with fried chicken! “Don’t think I’m crazy [but] peanut butter with fried chicken is very, very interesting,” he said.

Alexander might look the part, donning the colonel’s white suit and hair, but many social media users have said they still picture the spokesman in his ’90s sitcom glory:

via Gfycat

What do you think of KFC’s new colonel—and commercial?

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