Kim Kardashian robbery costume pulled after backlash

The costume company’s vice president said he didn’t want to ‘make light of a serious situation,’ but told a reporter that ‘people should be able to laugh at it.’ Many consumers didn’t.

The recent robbery of Kim Kardashian is the latest addition to the growing list of Halloween costume inspirations evoking online outrage.

“Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit” is the brainchild of the website Costumeish. Though it doesn’t identify Kardashian by name, the costume includes a white robe, black wig, oversized sunglasses, gag and rope. It also includes a fake ring imitating the 20-carat diamond engagement ring that armed robbers allegedly stole from Kardashian after breaking into her hotel room in Paris.

Kardashian’s sister, Khloe, told Ellen DeGeneres that Kim is “not doing well” in the wake of the attack and that the star is traumatized.

Here’s how the site described the costume:

She has devoted her life to promoting American decadence, youth, and hedonism but all that flashy living caught up with her one night in Paris when armed men bound her, stole her jewelry and her peace of mind. This Halloween, have some fun with pop culture and dress just like the Queen of Social media with our sensational “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume’ Costume.”

Several took to Twitter to bash the getup—and the company:

Even the ladies of “The View” expressed their dismay:

Others—including Costumeish’s vice president, Johnathon Weeks—didn’t see the harm in it.

Weeks told Buzzfeed:

I’m sad that people are offended by it, but it is Halloween: It’s one day out of the year. Halloween should be a light-hearted, spirited party and people should be able to laugh at it and think it’s funny. We haven’t sold any yet, if that matters.

Weeks added: “If people find it tasteless or they are offended by it, it’s Halloween. Maybe you should just shut your life out and not go outside.”

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“Halloween references pop culture, and celebrities are no different,” Weeks told Time. “That’s Halloween.”

He continued:

It’ll make people either cringe or laugh. I don’t want to make light of a serious situation. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family. No one really deserves to go through what she did. We’re not mocking her.

Despite Weeks’ insistence that the costume was all in good fun, the company pulled it from its website on Tuesday afternoon and issued the following tweet:

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