LAX shooting prompts official updates on Twitter

The airport’s official Twitter feed and the LAPD kept followers abreast of the situation as it unfolded Friday morning.

Crisis communicators took to Twitter after at least three people, including a TSA agent, were shot in Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3 on Friday morning. Local news reported that the suspect was in custody. The official LAX account confirmed that in a tweet sent around 10:50 a.m. local time:

The managers of the airport’s account focused primarily on tweeting information about air traffic and keeping travelers away from the area where the shooting occurred. The first tweet about the shooting went out just after 9:30 a.m.:

By about 10:15, the airport announced a ground stop was in effect and that traffic headed toward the departures area was being blocked by police.

The airport’s account also tweeted this alert to the news media:

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that the FBI was on hand to help with the incident, a notice that the central bureau was on tactical alert, and a photo of officers on the scene:

There was also this warning to people headed to the airport:

Reporters on Twitter were largely left to quash misinformation on their own. When a parody account erroneously reported that former NSA chief Michael Hayden was one of the victims of the shooting, it led to several exchanges such as this one:


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