Levi’s turns away concert goers wearing other brands’ clothes

The jeans brand held a concert in Brooklyn where the cost of admission was to wear its apparel. People who showed up in other clothes were shown the door.

Music fans take note: If you’re ever invited to a free concert hosted by Levi’s, make sure you’re not wearing True Religion, Diesel, 7 for All Mankind, or any other non-Levi’s brand of jeans. You will be left out in the cold like that pair of JNCOs you hope no one ever finds out you owned. When people showed up at a recent free Haim/Sleigh Bells concert wearing clothes that weren’t Levi’s, they were told to take a hike. Granted, Levi’s said the price of admission to the Brooklyn Bridge Park show was that you had to be wearing some of its signature denim, but who does that? AdWeek offered its take on it:

The rules seem clear enough, but also arguably unnecessary and ultimately self-defeating. If the idea of the brand footing the bill for the concert was to generate goodwill among its own fans, then it’s pretty illogical to leave a bad taste in the mouths of target consumers by refusing them access (even if they hadn’t shelled out cash for any of its denim, yet).

It seems really silly. The whole concert was just a big Levi’s ad anyway. Since when is there any barrier to entry for people consuming your ad? Should people have to be wearing Levi’s in order to view something on the brand’s Youtube channel? Will they someone create a billboard that can only be viewed by people wearing Levi’s? Plus, who wants to wear jeans in Brooklyn in the middle of August?


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