Lululemon store ripped for sign that seemingly mocks charity

The company and the Dallas store insist it wasn’t their intention to offend, but it’s hard to determine exactly what the intention really was.

To anyone who doesn’t live in the Dallas area, a message posted in a window of a local Lululemon store seems like nonsense. “We do partners yoga, not partners card,” the message says. For people in Dallas, the message seems to be a shot at The Family Place, which raises money for area women’s shelters. The charity offers a $70 “Partners Card” that buyers can use for discounts at 750 local businesses. Culturemap Dallas reported that Lululemon’s NorthPark store has offered to help the charity, but with yoga classes or wellness lessons rather than direct donations or customer discounts. The Family Place Executive Director Paige Flink asked the store to take the message down Saturday, but it stayed up until Monday. “Partners Card is the biggest fundraiser we do with The Family Place, and I felt like that sign was putting down this important work,” Flink told Business Insider.

Lululemon’s corporate Facebook page is full of customers’ vows never to return to the store because of the sign in the window. The company has responded with messages similar to this one: We understand how important our community is and are sorry that we let you down. We never intended to disrespect. We’re in conversation with The Family Place about how we can best be there for this wonderful organization in the important work that they do for domestic violence prevention. The store itself offered up this Facebook message (though it’s worth noting it was posted from Lululemon’s corporate home of Vancouver, not Dallas):

The store’s manager has reportedly apologized to Flink and offered employees of The Family Place free yoga. (Image via)


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