Maker of gun in Newtown shootings removes ‘shockingly awful’ promo

The online promotion for Bushmasters encouraged men to revoke their friends’ ‘man cards’ for such things as ‘avoiding eye contact with a fifth grader.’

The company that made the semi-automatic rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 27 people, mostly schoolchildren, in Newtown, Conn., removed an online promotion on Monday that asked potential customers to earn their “man card”—in other words, prove their manliness—by answering a series of questions.

In one part of the promo, gun maker Bushmasters offers a variety of reasons that men should revoke their friends’ man cards, one of which is “avoiding eye contact with a fifth grader.”

BuzzFeed called the language “shockingly awful.”

Although the company removed the promotion, you can still see it at BuzzFeed.

The private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management said on Tuesday that it would sell its stake in Bushmasters, which it bought in 2006. The firm purchased several other gun makers and merged them into Freedom Group, which it plans to sell.

According to the BBC, Cerberus “said it wanted to avoid being drawn into the gun control controversy.”

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