Marketers focus on dogs first, promotions second for ‘National Puppy Day’

Though many tweets and Facebook posts alluded to the organizations sharing the images, videos and more, many brand managers decided to take a subtler approach.

Dogs and cats are regularly internet sensations, but social media users are sharing even more pooch posts today to celebrate National Puppy Day.

For marketers, the day represents another opportunity to interact with audiences online and boost their brands’ images.

NPR reported:

Confused about how to celebrate this holiday? [Colleen] Paige, who says that she started it as a way to promote dog adoption, has brainstormed 50 different ways for you to honor man’s best friend.

Or, you could always just tweet out photos of your beloved puppies using #NationalPuppyDay like everybody else.

Those using the day—and its respective hashtag—to promote their adoption efforts shared tweets such as this:

However, most marketers took to Twitter and Facebook to share images, videos and jokes that also underlined their organizations’ offerings or missions:

Many police departments used the day to show off furry members of their forces, in an effort to increase engagement and foster trust with members of the community:

Similar to law enforcement organizations, several other brand managers gave their social media followers a peek behind the scenes by showcasing such images as employees’ and players’ dogs:

A holiday roundup wouldn’t be complete without digital marketing efforts that missed the mark, either. Here’s one that stood out (and not in a good way):

Generally, the #NationalPuppyDay posts that were best received carried toned-down branding and promotional messages. Let this be a lesson that simple and subtle can be effective—especially when it comes to social media engagement that relies on cuteness.

How are you talking about this cuddly holiday, PR Daily readers?

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