Martha Stewart crafts a tweet war with Apple PR

After breaking her iPad, the home décor mogul let frustration get the better of her. Her Twitter audience was largely unsympathetic.

Give Martha Stewart a pine cone, and she could probably transform it into a three-bedroom birdhouse complete with air-suspended moat.

Give her an iPad—as the late Steve Jobs apparently did—she’ll not only break it, but also create a social media brouhaha.

When Stewart took to Twitter on Thursday after shattering her iPad, she seemed distraught:

However, if Stewart was searching for sympathy, she turned to the wrong place.

After arranging for an Apple rep to come get her broken device, Stewart grew irritated when nobody showed. The incident inspired in Stewart an idea that Apple offer premium, on-demand service:

As Stewart’s frustrations grew, she called out Apple’s PR team:

Her Twitter audience’s frustrations grew, too.

In the end, Stewart conceded in silence (sort of):


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