McDonald’s workers protest amidst harassment allegations

The fast-food chain is under fire by way of its own staff. More than a dozen formal complaints have been issued and media coverage is swirling. Here are details—and a response.

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McDonald’s workers protested this week after a rash of sexual harassment complaints levied against the fast food giant.

In a single month, the chain saw 15 separate sexual harassment complaints filed against it. Workers from eight states—Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, California, Florida and New York—claimed to be sexually harassed in the workplace and many said they experienced retaliation after issuing those reports.

Michigan woman CyCei Monae claims that her shift supervisor rubbed his genitals on her. She issued a statement:

McDonald’s monitors everything we do – from how fast the drive-thru is moving, to how we fold our customers’ bags. Yet when I filed a complaint against my shift manager for regularly sexually harassing me – which included him showing me a photo of his genitals – McDonald’s had no response.

I really needed that job and the money, and I considered remaining silent. But I believed McDonald’s had my back and would be horrified by the way I was treated. I was wrong.

Kristi Maisenbach worked at a California McDonald’s and shared a similar experience. When she complained to the store’s manager, she says her hours were cut and her harasser became hostile toward her.

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