6 questions to answer before measuring anything

The hardest question doesn’t have anything to do with data at all.

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Ask these questions before measuring

When it comes to the task of measuring our efforts, we often get overwhelmed figuring out where to gather data from, what KPIs should be and how to set up a dashboard that will resonate with executives

But Nicole Moreo, head of customer insights for LinkedIn, says the hardest part of measurement is the one that seems the simplest: figuring out your business goal.

Most of the time people use a vision or a mission statement, Moreo says. “It is not measurable, it is not actionable, and I guarantee you, if they probably spoke to their CEO, it is not what the CEO would say the business goal is.”



Here are the six questions that Moreo asks about measurement — and you should too.

Yes, the first one is the hardest. If you’re worried a goal isn’t actionable or practical, ask your CEO or other top leadership what they consider the business goal to be.

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