Mom bloggers control $2 trillion worth of America’s purchasing power

And companies are responding by giving more of their free samples to bloggers. Are you?

Do you work with Mommy Bloggers? If you don’t, you may one day.

According to CBC, “Mothers control over $2 trillion of purchasing power in the U.S.” Serious stuff.

Companies have taken note, especially regarding the ascendance of mom blogs. From CBC:

“Five years ago, toy companies handed out 98 percent of their samples to TV stations, newspapers and magazines. Today 70 percent of those free samples go to bloggers.”

No doubt, mom blogging, which has now been around for about 10 years, has dramatically changed marketing and PR. Most people who have worked with mom bloggers will attest that the rules of engagement are different than with traditional media.

This radio documentary from the CBC traces the history and importance of mommy bloggers. Whether or not you work with this segment, it’s worth a listen and will provide context on how to engage with this ever evolving and important group.


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