Morton Salt aims to entice millennials with OK Go partnership

Music can be a crucial component to tapping into younger audiences. Here’s how Morton’s brand managers hoped to that with their latest marketing effort.

Morton Salt has taken a very unsalted approach to a new marketing effort.

The brand has announced plans to partner with indie band OK Go.

The effort is part of a larger campaign around the theme, “Walk Her Walk.”

OK Go is known for making intricately choreographed videos. Its latest, for the song “The One Moment,” was shot in just over four chaotic, paint-exploding seconds but is played in slow motion over four minutes. The last seven seconds should be noteworthy to marketers:

The video contains 325 choreographed events in the 4.2 seconds that it took to film it. The campaign’s message, on the other hand, is fairly simple: A lot can happen in a moment—even a positive change in the world.

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Here’s what Denise Lauer, director of communications and corporate brand strategy at Morton Salt, told Forbes:

This is the perfect time to launch the new Masterbrand platform for Morton Salt. Morton is transforming as a business and a brand and we want to operate with a greater sense of purpose. Walk Her Walk is a promise to step up and make a positive impact in the world.

Among those 325 choreographed events, viewers will note that the band’s lead singer, Daniam Kulash, grabs a yellow umbrella at one point—coincidentally similar to the one in the Morton Salt logo.

OK Go has worked with Google and Chevy in a similar capacity.

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