Most millennials rarely visit Facebook fan pages

This infographic reveals some sobering details about how college students interact with brands on Facebook.

Bad news, brands: Millennials don’t really want to interact with you on Facebook.

An infographic highlighting the results of recent a survey of college students shows that while 86 percent of millennials visit Facebook every day, they do so to browse other people’s profiles, not learn about brands.

Sixty-nine percent of millennials rarely—or never—visit fan pages. Only 1 percent visit a brand page daily.

Millennials do like some organizations, but they are mostly organizations they’re involved with offline or locally. Some examples are sororities and fraternities, nonprofits and sports teams.

Some companies, though, do land a coveted spot on millennials’ radar. Among those are Coca-Cola, Toms, Victoria’s Secret, and Target.

How can you get millennials to like your brand on Facebook? Millennials say they are more likely to like an organization if it:

  • Offers discounts (56 percent)
  • Offers product samples (40 percent)
  • Sends event invitations (28 percent)
  • Sends personal invitations (27 percent)
  • Has games or “fun” applications (14 percent)

The infographic summarizes a paper presented at the International Public Relations Research Conference, 2012.

Take a look at the rest of the insights:

(View a larger image.)

(via The Measurement Standard)

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