Muslim woman says TGI Fridays tricked her into eating bacon

The wait staff at a Garland, Texas, location allegedly put pork—which Muslims are forbidden to eat—in the woman’s to-go cup. The company says that would be a ‘gross violation of our values.’

Another day, another report of religious discrimination at a huge chain.

This time, the alleged insensitivity went beyond telling a customer they weren’t wanted, however. A woman named Nicole Queen is claiming that employees at a Garland, Texas, TGI Fridays put bacon in her drink after Queen specifically told them she couldn’t eat pork for religious reasons.

Muslims are forbidden to eat pork.

The way Queen tells it, she and a group of friends immediately noticed their waiter’s discomfort, and by the end of her lunch, someone else was serving her table. The new server asked if she wanted some tea to go, and she said yes. In the parking lot, she said noticed pieces of bacon in her straw.

“I knew right away that that it was bacon, and I knew right away that it had been placed in my straw because that was the first thing that went into my mouth,” she told WFAA 8 in Dallas.

Queen converted to Islam a few years ago, so she remembers what bacon tastes like. She said she confronted the manager, who told her the wait staff wouldn’t have access to the kitchen and threw away her cup.

A spokesman told WFAA that the incident “would represent a gross violation of our values” and is investigating. The company also released a statement on Facebook:

The comments on that post range from calls for a boycott of TGI Fridays to people vocally doubting Queen’s story.

(Image via WFAA 8)


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