Must-have skill: How to pitch a blogger

They’re a different breed. Good thing a PR pro interviewed a noted blogger to learn some tips for landing a story on a blog.

Understanding how to pitch bloggers is a skill every PR pro needs.

It can be tricky, though—bloggers work under different conditions from those of real reporters. They may not answer to an editor; some are not beholden to deadlines, and more.

In a recent blog post, PR pro Heather Whaling, of Geben Communications and #pr20chat, talked with blogger Meghann Anderson of, and fleshed out a few useful tips for pitching bloggers.

Among the tips:

  • Do not send a blogger an email that is “just a press release.” More personalized approaches work better. Anderson suggests sending bullet points in the email body and perhaps attaching a press release.
  • PR people need to “work their way into a blogger’s social network,” to become a “friend” of a blogger before asking for coverage. This means interacting with bloggers in places like Twitter.

Here’s the full chat. It might help you land coverage on that long-coveted blog.


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