Myths about how people share content online

Millennials do not share more content online than other generations. Actually, Baby Boomers do. Find out what other myths you should dismiss here.

“People share more content on the weekends because they have more free time.”

“Millennials share more brand content than any other generation.”

These statements are lies.

OK, maybe “lies” is harsh. They’re myths about how people share content on the Internet.

An infographic from RadiumOne sets these and other myths straight. A few of them are below. Do any sound familiar to you?

Myth: Engagement peaks on the weekend when Internet users have more free time.

Fact: People engage with shared content 49 percent more on weekdays. They click on sports content four times more on Mondays and Tuesdays, and food content 10 times more on Thursdays.

Myth: Millennials share brand content more than other generations.

Fact: Actually, millennials are the least likely generation to share brands’ content. Those between the ages of 55 and 64 engage with brand content the most.

Myth: It doesn’t matter when you post a shortened URL; its lifespan will always be the same.

Fact: Shortened URLs have longer lifespans when you post them later in the week. If you share a link on Thursday (rather than, say, a Monday), it’s more likely that users will still click that link many days after you shared it.

There are more myths making the rounds. Learn what they are here:

(View a larger image.)

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