Nearly one-third of millennials don’t think they need a TV

That’s because 83 percent of 18-29 year olds are getting some, most, or all of their television online. Could we experience the death of TV in our lifetime?

I can still recall fidgeting with a set of bunny ears on an old television that my parents allowed my brother and me to set up in a tent on our back patio.

All that tin foil. All that adjusting of the antennas to get the picture to hold for a mere two or three seconds—I have no idea why we thought it was fun.

I wonder whether we would have enjoyed it as much if we were huddled around a laptop computer, waiting for the “I Love Lucy” reruns to buffer.

Probably not, although that’s becoming the reality in the U.S. as Americans embrace online video at a historic rate.

According to this infographic from, one-third of Americans watch videos online every day, accounting for an average of 28.3 hours a month of viewing on the Web. More than 80 percent of 18 to 29 year olds said they watch some, most, or all of their shows online, while 29 percent said they don’t think they need to own a TV at all.

Considering it took traditional television 80 years to reach an average of 290 million American viewers, while online streaming took less than a decade to hit about 125 million, could TV as we know it be kaput?


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