New guide reveals how to tell your organization’s story

Everybody’s talking about storytelling and corporate narrative. Here is a how-to on conveying your compelling narrative, with case studies from Intel, Fiat Chrysler and other leaders.

Have you wondered how to shoot a hospital video story that moves your audience to tears?

Or how to write a CEO speech that will earn a standing ovation?

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and Ragan Communications are offering a free guide—Strategic Storytelling—full of tips for telling your organization’s story though a wide range channels, from newsletters to videos.

The guide—featuring advice and case studies from corporations such as Intel, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and American Express Open Forum—offers how-to tips on the elements of grabbing people’s interest and making them want to hear more.

Learn about how Chrysler’s “Objects in the Mirror” blog offers stories such as “The Jeep Girls trek to ‘Fabulous Las Vegas.'” Or how to be like a small-town reporter finding great copy in the beat of your organization.

“I would argue that there’s a story in any organization,” says Jeremy Porter, vice president of social media and content marketing practice at the marketing agency Definition 6. “There’s a visual story there. … You just have to go out there and find it.”

Among the areas discussed in the guide:

  • What a candy factory and a three-legged stool can teach you about turning a monotonous workplace scene into compelling copy.
  • Exactly how to structure an anecdotal lede with stories, bringing life to your topic.
  • What you can learn from novelist E. M. Forster’s mini-tale, “The king died, and then the queen died of grief.”
  • Why stories matter even in press releases-and how a good yarn can catch journalists’ interest.
  • How stories serve to frame a speech or illustrate topics such as “values in action.”
  • How to get tell stories with images-and how Disney reaped major media pickup from a single tweeted image.
  • How to get your op-ed published with the help of an engaging tale.

Whether your organization was founded in 1892 or in your garage last week, you have stories to tell. How so? Because an organization is made up of its people, and people are living, breathing stories.

Learn more in this free Strategic Storytelling guide.


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