New social network aims to connect people via favorite words

The site, title Favorite Words, matches people up by the words they like best. So get ready to make some friends, word nerds.

I once read somewhere that strong relationships boil down to whether you find the same things funny. Simplified? Sure. But could relationships also be built on whether you like the same words? is a niche social networking site that connects people through their—you guessed it—favorite words. There’s no doubt that words are powerful things, but the people behind Favorite Words are taking it a step further. The site’s About section explains:

What is the purpose of this, you ask? Certainly it helps to build your vocabulary and it surely is a fun exercise, especially if you have a fondness for words, but the purpose of Favorite Words is a bit more complicated and somewhat simpler than that. You see, words have power, and when you collect your own favorite words, they can evoke feelings and memories that you associate with them; they can also improve your creativity or even show you the way in your life and career.

The words on your list need only “ring a bell inside you” to warrant being put on your list. The site was created by Shavkat Karimov, a self-described “serial web entrepreneur.” His vision for the site is pretty lofty, claiming that compiling your favorite words can have therapeutic value, self-development value and social value.

Karimov is looking to help people “understand themselves better, heal themselves in a harmless way, and find their matches for life, friendship, or business in a simple yet efficient way.” To use one of my favorite words: nice. (Image via)


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