New symbol proposed for ‘the’

Because who has time to type three whole letters?

Are you tired of wasting time writing out all three letters of the?

You’re not alone.

Paul Mathis, an Australian restaurateur, shares your pain and has introduced a shortened version of the word for those of us who frequently text: Ћ.

As you can see, it combines T and h, and is pronounced th. Think of it this way: As an ampersand is to and, so is Ћ to the.

The definite article, Mathis says, appears in 80 percent of all English paragraphs, and therefore it deserves to be shortened.

Mathis has created keyboard apps for the Google Play store (Apple said no thanks), that allow for the Ћ as you type.

If you’re still wondering whether this is as ridiculous as it sounds, check out the video below that explains the whole thing:

What do you think? Does the need abbreviating?


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