New Yorker slammed for depicting Steve Jobs at the gates of heaven

The former Apple CEO was a Buddhist. Commenters say the illustration is ‘disrespectful.’

The latest cover of The New Yorker, which depicts St. Peter greeting Steve Jobs at the pearly gates, is causing quite a stir. Commenters on magazine’s website have called the image “disrespectful” (among other things), chiefly because Jobs was a Buddhist.

A commenter named Gilbertmerom writes:

“It is well known that Mr. Jobs was a Zen Buddhist. This is deeply, deeply disrespectful. I’m sure that everybody involved meant well, but please reconsider publishing this cover.”

There are more interesting opinions on One commenter asks: “Wasn’t it Moses who had the tablets?”

Another commenter may have nailed it: “It’s got people talkin’. Marketing 101, son!”


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