Nordstrom displays ‘Top Pinned Items’ in stores

The department store chain has taken to highlighting products that are popular on the photo-based social media site.

I noticed an interesting thing at a Chicago Nordstrom this past weekend amid the Fourth of July sale items. It was a table with about half-dozen handbags on it emblazoned with Pinterest logos.

These, a sign explained, were some of the ‘Top Pinned Items’ on the social network.

Nordstrom is taking the whole Pinterest integration thing very seriously. You can find the ubiquitous red “P” logo throughout the store on some of its most popular items. As Jezebel put it, the store is “pinning stuff IRL.”

The Pinterest program is running in 12 other stores. It’s giving Nordstrom employees a sort of shorthand when it comes to displaying the most-popular items, which can easily be measured via Pinterest.

A Nordstrom spokesman recently told the Huffington Post: “It’s our fastest-growing social channel, so we wanted to integrate the feedback that we’re getting from our Pinterest community.”

Nordstrom has about 4.5 million followers on Pinterest, It’s the second-most-popular brand on the site. Only L.L. Bean, which has about 5.7 million followers, tops it.

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