One-word copy changes that will increase your ROI

Your vs. my. Do vs. don’t. Dollars vs. percentages. Minor modifications can have major mojo.

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This friendly idea is a typical tweak from a brand focused on giving customers a good time—another example is its internal ban on the phrase “I have to”—the preferred phrase being “I get to.”

It sounds fun, but simple, one-word copy tweaks can make a huge difference to your marketing ROI. Here are five:

1. Replace “your” with “my”

Can one word really make or break a conversion? Apparently, yes. An A/B test between “Create My Account” and “Create Your Account” had resounding results.

The “your” call to action had performed nearly 25 percent worse than the “my” call to action. Subsequent tests proved that “my” performed significantly better in calls to action.

In one case, replacing “your” with “my” in a call to action for a free trial increased click-throughs by 90 percent.

2. Promote “dollars off,” not “percent off”

Would you rather get 20 percent or $10 off a $50 product? The value of the coupon is exactly the same, but customers prefer concrete monetary savings.

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