Oreo wins big again on social media with horror movie Vines

The brand has heads spinning—or twisting, rather—with video recreations of classic horror scenes starring its equally classic cookie.

There are few horror movie scenes more iconic than that from director Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” in which the Overlook Hotel’s elevator doors open and a deluge of blood comes crashing out. In preparation for Halloween, Oreo has taken that scene, cut it down to a six-second Vine, and changed the star. No longer is it young Danny Lloyd (Danny Torrance in the movie) staring down the hallway. Instead, it’s an Oreo cookie. And the liquid streaming toward it isn’t blood anymore. It’s milk pouring out from those elevator doors. The tweet unveiling the video (which Oreo dubbed “The Spilling”) is at 250 retweets and counting. Wednesday afternoon, Oreo posted another video in its series of horror movie parodies. “The Exortwist” creatively reimagines the famous head-spinning scene from “The Exorcist.”

Oreo has built a reputation as one of the brands that really gets social media. Its Super Bowl blackout tweet is destined to go down in Twitter history as an example of how to seize the moment.

These Vines may not earn quite as much attention, but they prove that the brand’s still got it.


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