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Create, send, and track all of your internal communications.

ContactMonkey is a powerful internal communications tool that integrates with your Outlook or Gmail inbox. Create beautiful and responsive HTML email templates for Outlook or Gmail and measure how your employees engage with your emails with in-depth email tracking. Boost engagement within your existing Outlook distribution lists or Google Groups by pinpointing the exact content your recipients want to see and gather employee feedback with our different survey options (eNPS, comments, star ratings). Learn more https://www.contactmonkey.com/features

ContactMonkey Special Offer for Conference Attendees

We acknowledge that time is something that is of the essence when it comes to internal communications at the moment. For anyone new that’s looking for a solution to help design. send and track employee newsletters, at ContactMonkey we’re offering a free trial with:

  • Same day implementation for sending employee newsletters from Outlook or Gmail
  • Dedicated template design help
  • Live sending help to ensure that all messages are delivered as expected
  • On call customer success manager to help with any ad hoc employee communications that may arise
  • Competitve custom based pricing

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