About WebMD Health Services

WebMD Health Services empowers organizations and their populations to improve their well-being.

WebMD Health Services, part of the WebMD family, creates thoughtful well-being programs for employers and health plans. These well-being programs empower populations to live happier, healthier lifestyles—all while helping the organizations exceed their business objectives.

  • Productivity
  • Retention
  • Create a culture of well-being
  • Increase engagement

A thoughtful approach to well-being.

We don’t give every client the same program and services. Instead, we work with each organization to understand their needs, goals and culture. Then, we’ll analyze their current program and recommend ways to enhance the experience and increase participation. Because at the end of the day, well-being is personal. And the program should be, too.

WebMD Health Services is the only well-being partner built on science, research, data and clinical validation. It’s with this foundation that we’re able to motivate people to participate in their organization’s well-being program and actually make long-term healthy changes. The daily habits they create result in health risk reductions and overall well-being improvement over time.

Well-being for everyone.

Well-being is more than just physical health. That’s why our programs focus on every dimension of well-being, including financial wellness, mental and emotional health, clinical health, and social connectedness—along with physical health.

And our proprietary WebMD ONE platform is designed to meet people where they are in their own well-being journey. With a wide variety of tools, resources and support systems available, we make sure there’s a solution for everyone. Deep segmentation capabilities even allow the platform to offer personalized recommendations and wellness strategies. That way, each person can reach wellness goals that are meaningful and relevant to their unique situation.

There’s so much WebMD Health Services can support.

Our well-being program even integrates with a client’s other partners and internal resources to make finding and using all their offerings easy. And, each solution can be targeted to specific segments of a population to provide even more personalized well-being experiences.

Why WebMD Health Services?

In a world where well-being is confusing and overwhelming, WebMD Health Services partners with employers and health plans to provide a thoughtful approach to well-being. Our services empower organizations to create a well-rounded program that’s engrained in their culture, offering their people the personalized tools and resources they need to achieve real results: better health, better happiness and better well-being for all.

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