Philly councilman pays firm $28K in tax money to tweet for him

A quote in this story from the councilman’s PR guy is priceless—a must read.

Did you hear about the Philadelphia councilman, the politically connected PR guy, and the social media firm?

It’s no joke—although the story is hilarious.

Jim Kenney, a councilman in Philadelphia, is reportedly paying $28,000 in taxpayer money to a firm called ChatterBlast to handle his social media strategy.

According to—which has this entertaining story—ChatterBlast “monitors his Twitter and Facebook pages.” So why can’t Kenney tweet? He told

“I, at 53 years old, do not have that facility. So I need consultant advice to communicate with a group of folks who are not necessarily in my age group.”

This gets better. Kenney, who has the highest payroll of any Philly city council person, pays $30,000 to a politically connected PR guy named Martin O’Rourke, reports

Naturally, the reporters in Philadelphia asked O’Rourke why he isn’t handling Kenney’s Twitter account. O’Rourke’s response:

“I have no clue how to tweet; I still don’t understand the mechanics of it. It’s a thing of the future.”

That’s the social media quote of the year (so far).

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Philadelphia, by the way, ranked ninth on a recent list of the most social media savvy City Halls—thanks, no doubt, to the tireless work of Councilman Kennedy ChatterBlast.

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