Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which is better for business?

Pinterest users spend more money than Facebook’s, but aren’t as engaged. See how the social networks compare in this infographic.

Pinterest lovers and Facebook friends, it’s time to get out the boxing gloves.

In a new infographic from Boticca, the social networks go head to head to see how each impacts business.

Using data from its Facebook and Pinterest pages, Boticca determined the following:

1. Pinterest users spend more money than Facebook users: On average, Pinterest users spend $180 as compared to Facebook users’ $85.

2. Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook: Pinterest influences 10 percent of transactions, while Facebook only influences 7 percent.

3. Facebook users are more engaged than Pinterest users: Pinterest users visit 44 percent fewer pages on the social pinboard than Facebook users do on Facebook.

4. Facebook offers better conversion rates: Pinterest has a 51 percent lower conversion rate than Facebook.

Want more? Check out the graphic:

Kristin Piombino is an editorial assistant for


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