Pizza Hut salvages Valentine’s Day for #LastMinuteLovers

Love is in the air and it smells like hand-tossed dough—whose dough is up for debate. Plus, a V-Day guide for single pieces of bacon, stocks to love, Heart Attack Grill spokesman suffers heart attack, the most dangerous word in the workplace, and more.

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Forget the scent of a woman, Al Pacino. This Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the scent of hand-tossed dough. According to Brand Eating, Pizza Hut not only brought its signature fragrance to the U.S., but also is running a Twitter promotion in which lucky fans can win a bottle. Through Wednesday, users desperate to partake in Hallmark’s love’s most sacred of days can tweet @PizzaHut along with the hashtag #LastMinuteLovers to hopefully secure a bottle (as well as a $20 gift card) for that special someone.

But what, exactly, doth the aroma of Eau de Pizza Hut resemble? A rep for the perfumery behind the cologne describes it as “a slightly sweet base scent of freshly rising dough, but finishes decidedly savory with hints of Italian spice like oregano, vine-ripened tomato sauce, the crispness of fresh-sliced vegetables and all wrapped by wafts of cheesy goodness.” The Huffington Post newsroom, on the other hand, maintains that although the scent is pleasant, it’s more reminiscent of a Cinnabon.

It’s also worth noting that time is ticking away on your chance to pop the question this Valentine’s Day with Pizza Hut’s ultimate proposal package. As Time reminds us, for the bargain price of $10,010, customers get a ruby engagement ring, a limo ride, flowers, fireworks, and a photographer and videographer to capture it all. Oh, and don’t forget your $10 Dinner Box.

Of course, Pizza Hut isn’t the only brand looking to score on V-Day. Advertising Age reported Tuesday that Trojan condoms is giving free cab rides on Thursday and Friday in New York City. Unfortunately for the brand’s PR firm, Edelman, Ad Age later recounted a possible “pothole” in its plan. According to The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, it was unaware that Trojan had secured the necessary medallions to operate a vehicle service in the city.

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Meanwhile, Ads of the World has continued to update its collection of the campaigns it has found hitching their ride to the lover’s wagon, although given the occasion, maybe it would be nice to spring for a horse-drawn carriage.

Not to be outdone, Laughing Squid brings us a single’s guide to Valentine’s Day. Full disclosure—it’s actually a guide for single pieces of bacon:

Still not in love with your options? Instead of wasting money on a gift, try investing it. From American Greetings to Zales, Insider Monkey revisits five Valentine’s Day stock selections to see how they’ve faired over the past year.

Sometimes, love is sickening. GQ lists the five most annoying people on Valentine’s Day, one of whom we are never ever getting back together with—like ever.

This holiday might be all hearts and roses for some, but John Alleman’s heart, sadly, couldn’t sustain anymore. New York Daily News reports that the pitchman for the infamous Las Vegas Heart Attack Grill died of a heart attack on Monday.

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Just as fatty foods are obviously hazardous to our health, so might our words be hazardous to our careers. In fact, HR professional Tim Sackett contends “try” is the most dangerous of all words to use in the workplace. (via

Comparing the words of our country’s leaders, both past and present, the Oxford Dictionaries blog avoided Obama’s overshadowed State of the Union address and instead singled out 10 lines from his second inaugural speech that would have never been used in Abraham Lincoln’s time.

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From past and present to before and after, enjoy BuzzFeed‘s collection of 17 mesmerizing before and after Photoshop GIFs.

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