Power up your crisis plan before an emergency hits

A free webinar from Signal AI offers essential tips for writing or revising your crisis plan. Can you spare an hour to save your organization’s reputation?


Somewhere out there is a crisis with your organization’s name on it. Are you prepared?

True, a looming reputational iceberg in path of your ship of state isn’t a matter any communicator likes to dwell on.

But with crises, it’s not a matter of if they will hit, but when, in the environment of global news and internet and social media flareups.

Gain insight now through a free webinar on Wednesday, March 11, sponsored by Signal AI, an AI-driven global provider of real-time information and insights for media monitoring, reputation management and market intelligence.

Titled “The Crisis Communications Checklist: How to Set Up an Effective Crisis Plan and Control the Communication When it Matters Most,” the webinar will run from 2-3 p.m. Eastern time.

Essential for any communicator, this event will be led by Signal AI Vice President Louis Cointepas and Marketing Director Sandra Polak, who offer immediately usable tips and point to relevant case studies that will help you help manage your PR crisis.

In this free session, you will learn:

  • Proven tips for crisis communications planning and strategy
  • How artificial intelligence can help monitor coverage and control communication
  • How to properly prepare for a crisis with Horizon scanning
  • How to keep up to date with industry happenings that may affect your organization

These days, it’s up to PR and communications professionals to have an effective and up-to-date crisis management plan in place. What should you do to manage and monitor a PR crisis? How can you be sure your crisis plan will deliver the desired results?

The session will end with a Q&A that will allow participants to get their questions answered and leave with a better understanding of how to prepare for a crisis.

Don’t wait until you’re in the thick of it. Sign up here.


One Response to “Power up your crisis plan before an emergency hits”

    Ronald N. Levy says:

    Use the crisis plus your PR skills to increase sales and earnings. And more important, to serve the public interest.

    What would be the toughest PR assignment you can think of—creating more passenger demand for a cruise ship than there are cabins available? Getting more people to fly an airline side by side with only 30-some inches from row to row? PR can do this and serve the public interest in the process.

    PR Opportunity: sell a health cruise! There’s plenty of latent demand. Healthy eating, healthy breathing, healthy exercise, healthy companions, healthy medical checks.

    FOOD. Your ship can have an excellent vegan restaurant. Also a seafood restaurant featuring fish grown in sparklingly clear fish farms. All food irradiated before and after cooking with radiation that top university dieticians recommend and great hospitals use to protect patients.

    BREATHING. On deck, passengers breathe air at least 500 miles away from any fossil fueled factories. The ship can be powered by wind, solar, and ultra-safe nuclear used by the world’s top drug companies to make radio pharmaceuticals that help cure cancer patients. Cabins and public rooms can have air that’s not only pure as on deck but filtered and purified by being bubbled through water.

    EXERCISE. “Exercise your right to health” could be the appeal for shipboard gyms with bikes donated by Pelleton plus top quality equipment donated by others that want the publicity and the sampling advantage.

    COMPANIONS. Only people with championship-level health—tested by doctors trained from 25 top American universities—will be allowed as passengers or crew members.

    EXAMS. Twice a day passengers can have a weight and blood-pressure tests plus an EKG and whatever that thing is called (maybe a “spirometer?) that you blow into to see how strong your lungs are.

    Healthy air flights can be sold because it’s almost true that “the sky is the limit” on what radiation from the sun, which is actually stronger at 35,000 feet than on land (I learned from working on nuclear accounts) kills bad stuff that in some cases could kill us!

    Am I actually serious about “health cruises” and “the sky is the limit” flights? No but I’m totally serious that inherent in many PR crises are realities that can help companies come out of crisis with even ore goodwill than when they went in. And inherent in those Ragan courses on crisis PR are tips—not complicated but most untrained people don’t think of them—that distinguish PR experts from PR clients and prospects.

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