PR agency records video plea for coverage: Too much?

A PR firm takes to YouTube in a desperate attempt to get a client’s app featured in T3 magazine. You’ve got to see this.

What do you think of this pitching approach?

U.K.-based PR agency 10 Yetis was desperate for Kieran Alger, editor of technology magazine T3, to feature its client MyVoucherCodes mobile application for Android and Apple iOS handsets, in the feature “This Month’s Killer Apps.”

After months of trying more traditional approaches, PR pro Charlotte Horsfall recorded a video plea/pitch in a last-ditch effort to capture his attention.

Alger responded to the video on Twitter. He tweeted:

“Clearly only one way I can respond to @charlotteyeti’s plea. Video camera is out…”

It’s received less than stellar reviews from at least one other journalist. Tamlin Magee, the news editor at, tweeted:

“@KieranAlger Whatever you do don’t feature @CharlotteYeti’s client.”

Horsfall offered Magee this simple reply: “That hurts.”

Have a look at the video; it’s less than two minutes long and features an impressive locale. Surely, it must earn 10 out of 10 for originality (and intestinal fortitude).


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