PR execs have the sixth-most-stressful job in America

That’s one spot below its place on last year’s CareerCast list of the most stressful jobs. Newspaper reporters remain in the No. 8 spot.

PR is stressful. If you work in the field, you know that. But now, for the fourth year in a row, you have statistical proof. CareerCast’s list of the most stressful jobs in America for 2014 puts PR executive in the No. 6 most-stressful job slot, one spot below the No. 5 position it held last year. Maybe things got a little easier for PR execs in the past year, or perhaps it’s just that much harder to be an event coordinator. That job is in the No. 5 spot now. It didn’t even show up on last year’s list. The top of the list is full of jobs which put people in actual, physical danger, with military jobs, firefighter, and airline pilot taking the top four spots. Also on the list are newspaper reporters, at No. 8.

What makes PR, event planning, and journalism so hard to handle? Here’s CareerCast’s explanation: “Jobs such as public relations executive, newspaper reporter and event coordinator are among the most stressful because of tight deadlines and scrutiny in the public eye.” Here’s the full top 10:

1. Enlisted military personnel (84.72 stress score) 2. Military general (65.54) 3. Firefighter (60.45) 4. Airline pilot (60.28) 5. Event coordinator (49.93) 6. Public relations executive (48.52) 7. Corporate executive (47.46) 8. Newspaper reporter (46.75) 9. Police officer (46.66) 10. Taxi driver (46.18)

CareerCast also listed the 10 least-stressful jobs in America for 2014. Audiologist, the title for someone who diagnoses and treats hearing problems, topped that list. Last year, the least-stressful job was university professor. It dropped to No. 4 on the list this year. (Image via)


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