PR institute drafting Wikipedia guidelines for public relations pros

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the U.K. is working with Wikipedia to create the guidelines.

The dirty wiki tricks of some of the PR industry’s less scrupulous members have caught up with them. The days of anonymously manipulating a client’s Wikipedia page could be coming to an end (ahem, Bell Pottinger).

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the U.K. announced in a press release that it will work with Wikipedia to provide PR pros with a guide on “how to interact with the Wikipedia community.”

The release says that the move was prompted by suggestions of undisclosed editing of Wikipedia entries by PR firms.

Jane Wilson, CIPR CEO, had this to say about the matter:

“The CIPR has clear ethical and practical guidance on the most appropriate manner for PR professionals to work with open, online communities such as Wikipedia. It is not only important they are upfront about who they are and their intentions, but they should seek to deal openly and honestly with the public at all times. This rules out any behavior that sets out to hide the true source or motivation for any updates. PR without transparency is unprofessional. It has less to do with the ‘dark arts’ and more to do with the dark ages.”

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