PR is now the seventh-most stressful job in America

Last year, public relations executive was No. 2 on the annual list of stressful jobs.

Do you work in PR and feel less stressed-out than you did one year ago?

If so, it makes sense. The annual study from CareerCast that ranks the nation’s most-stressful jobs downgraded PR executive to No. 7 this year. In 2011, PR was No. 2 on the list.

Here’s how CareerCast describes the work of a PR professional:

“Public Relations Officers are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image with the public for companies, non-profits and government agencies. They typically are responsible for giving presentations and making speeches, often in front of large crowds. This very competitive field, which often includes highly visible, tight deadlines, keeps stress at high-levels for specialists. Some PR executives are required to interact with potentially hostile members of the media, especially after a disaster.”

According to CareerCast, the average annual salary for a PR exec is $91,810, an increase of nearly $2,000 from 2011.

CareerCast ranks the most-stressful jobs based on 11 factors (which you can read here), including travel, growth potential, working in the public eye, deadlines, hazards, own life at risk, and more.

Last year, CareerCast took some flak (on PR Daily and elsewhere online) for ranking public relations executive so high on the list, above careers in the military and law enforcement. Based on the 2012 list of stressful jobs, it appears CareerCast listened to its audience.

Here are the 10 most-stressful jobs in America in 2012:

1. Enlisted military soldier
2. Firefighter
3. Airline pilot
4. Military general
5. Police officer
6. Event coordinator
7. Public relations executive
8. Corporate executive (CEO)
9. Photojournalist
10. Taxi driver

Last year, airline pilot ranked No. 1. Enlisted military soldier, military general, firefighter, and police officer didn’t make the top 10. You can view last year’s list here.

Still, the question remains: Are you feeling less stressed-out in 2012 than you did in 2011?

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