PR pros are crazy (for coffee)

At least by means of deductive reasoning. Grab a cup, and we’ll explain.

Most PR professionals are addicted to caffeine.

Caffeine addiction is a mental disorder.

Therefore, PR professionals are mentally disordered—at least until that first mug of Joe hits home.

Proven with yet another cookie-cutter example of “top-down” logic, new medical findings confirm what we’ve all suspected of our PR colleagues for some time now: They’re nuts.

As PR Daily has previously reported, the industry’s affixation for coffee has led to public relations routinely making Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder’s annual list of most-caffeinated professions.

Now comes a report by Time magazine that caffeine withdrawal—or what the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (“DSM-5”) refers to as “caffeine intoxication”—is an actual mental disorder.

Dr. Charles O’Brien, Chair of the Substance-Related Disorder Work Group for the “DSM-5,” tells the New York Post:

“Caffeine is a drug, a mild stimulant, which is used by almost everybody on a daily basis, but it does have a letdown afterwards. If you drink a lot of coffee, at least two or three [236 ml] cups at a time, there will be a rebound or withdrawal effect.”

And there you have it—we really are crazy until we get our morning coffee.

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