Promo for iPhone 6 posts to Joan Rivers’ Facebook account

Marketers, always double-check the messages you schedule before they go live.

Managing Joan Rivers’ Facebook page probably wasn’t a priority for her family members after her death on Sept. 4.

Still, someone—her manager or a social media adviser—probably should have remembered that a post promoting Apple’s iPhone 6 was set to be released to the world late last week. Here’s TMZ‘s screengrab of the quickly deleted post:

The post is written as though Rivers were alive on Sept. 19, the day of the iPhone 6’s release, and as though she had just made the decision to get one.

In addition to marring a page that has become a tribute to the comedian’s life with a marketing message, the whole incident exposes some tawdry aspects of sponsored celebrity social media posts: The celebrities themselves don’t write them, and they’re scheduled way in advance, even though they’re often presented as spontaneous thoughts.

Most social media marketers don’t write posts for celebrities, so it’s unlikely they’ll run into this particular scenario. Still, there are enough examples of inappropriately timed messages to remind social media marketers: Don’t forget about posts once you’ve scheduled them.


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