Beverly Troxtell

Head of HR Change Management & HR Evolution - Paypal

Beverly Troxtell cares about people. She’s on a mission to not only empower people to succeed, but also to enable them to change in order to succeed -- especially in our new Future of Work normal. Her career journey has spanned two decades, multiple countries, and various roles from technical writing to user interface design to communications to training to HR information systems to project management and more. And what Beverly learned over time was that for any type of people change, you can build the most intuitive system application, communicate frequently, and/or create customized training to help people more easily navigate the changes. But that doesn’t necessarily shift human behaviors. As the saying, goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. That’s when Beverly transitioned to the world of change enablement, which focuses on envisioning and driving transformational strategies that focus on and prioritize people.