Chris Harihar

Executive Vice President - Crenshaw, a Mod Op company

Chris Harihar is Executive Vice President at Crenshaw, a Mod Op company, a leading B2B tech PR agency based in New York City. With 13 years of experience, Harihar has spearheaded award-winning PR programs for both established and emerging tech companies, focusing on B2B SaaS brands and businesses in various sectors, including adtech, martech, digital media, customer experience, customer support, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, supply chain, human resources, enterprise/IT, healthtech, and more. Before joining Crenshaw, Harihar held senior leadership positions at PR firms M Booth and The Morris + King Company. Leveraging his expertise in media research and communications theory, Harihar has transformed early-stage companies into category leaders and established category leaders as household names. He has led, managed, and executed successful B2B tech PR programs for brands such as Verizon, Yahoo, Wix, AOL, DoubleVerify, Getty Images, WeTransfer, Fractal Analytics, Telenav, IBM, Innovid, Fast Company, IDG (Foundry), and more. Additionally, Harihar has driven B2C programs for companies like Airbnb, CafePress, and Foursquare.