Deepa MacPherson

Global Well-being Manager - Nvidia

With over 25 year of human resources experience, Deepa is her dream job now at NVIDIA corporation as the Global Well-being Manager.  Prior to NVIDIA, Deepa held roles at Cisco, Stanford and other education organization focusing on leadership development, inclusion, and overall employee experience.  Deepa's educational background in both Psychology and Education create the foundation for her work in well-being. Her primary focus is mental health and creating an environment where we normalize the conversation around mental health.  NVIDIA's values are strongly embedded in the sense of community.  We want our employees to do their life's work here at NVIDA.  That said, we believe that employee should bring their whole authentic self to work every day and that includes their families, who come to work with them every day from an emotional perspective.  Deepa's role is to support and promote a culture of well-being.