Heather Shaw

Manager of Strategic Communications - Deloitte

Heather Shaw is Manager of Strategic Communications at Deloitte, where she develops, launches and manages leads and pipeline for the company’s strategic communications as a service business offering, an on-demand solution providing expert communications resources and tools to help clients achieve their goals. With 15 years of experience leading and delivering all aspects of internal communications including executive, HR, technology, operations and more for large-scale, company-wide communication initiatives supporting corporate visions, missions and values, Shaw previously was the Senior Manager of Employee Communications at Early Warning, and before that, was Senior Manager of Internal Communications at Republic Services. Shaw also led consulting and internal communications and creative services teams within Fortune 100-300 companies, with previous roles at  Liberty Mutual Insurance, Tesoro and Accenture. An employee advocate, she is committed to creating communications experiences that are tailored to the audiences, providing them with the messages they need, when they need them and through the channel they prefer. As a trusted advisor to executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents, Shaw has become the “go to” person to craft difficult messages in thoughtful and meaningful ways.