Nicole Dye-Anderson

Nicole Dye-Anderson

SVP, Head of Media Relations, Experiential & Influencer Strategy - Wells Fargo

Nicole Dye-Anderson brings a rich tapestry of public relations expertise, honed through her collaborations with a distinguished roster of clients that includes international brands, Grammy award-winning artists, A-list celebrities, NFL icons, and NBA legends. Her experience in the field is broad and deep, reflecting a career spanning two decades spent at the forefront of high-profile communications.

Specifically, Nicole has orchestrated national media tours, coordinated red carpet events, created strategic integrated marketing plans, and produced award-winning experiences and events. Over the years, she’s built strong working relationships with top national media and media influencers and leverages those connections to generate positive press for her company, clients, and community.

Known for her high energy and staunch work ethic, Nicole currently serves as Senior Vice President, Head of Media Relations, Experiential and Influencer Strategy for the Cards and Merchant Services business at Wells Fargo. She leads a dynamic team of internal and external communicators and oversees an intricate portfolio of five critical verticals: Media Relations, Influencer Strategy, Sponsorships, Conferences, and Events.

Nicole’s leadership is characterized by a deep commitment to elevating brand engagement and fostering meaningful connections across platforms and audiences. Through a blend of creative vision and pragmatic execution, she aims to make her mark on how financial services engage with the community and stakeholders, by establishing a legacy as a leader in transformative banking experiences.

Beyond her role in media relations, Nicole is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion and is a local, national, and now global champion in the fight to end racism and increase opportunities for underrepresented communities. For nearly a decade, she led the U.S. charge on DE&I for Barclays as a founding member of the Black Professionals Forum (BPF) employee network. She also served as Communications chair for Barclays’ Global Race at Work Taskforce. Under her leadership, Nicole created, defined and executed internal and external campaigns, while driving leadership participation in key events that advanced the agenda on DE&I and positioned Barclays as an industry leader.