Nova Lorraine

Author, Web 3 Strategist and Founder - Raine Magazine, AI for Creatives Podcast

Nova Lorraine is a futurist, Web3 advisor and chief metaverse officer at LORR. She received the Metaverse Champion Award and was recently named to Top 12 Leaders in the Metaverse, as well as a LAMINA1 Art NFT Winner. A passionate storyteller, Nova is a 2x award-nominated podcast host and producer who recently launched the “AI for Creatives” Podcast. She also founded Raine Magazine and its Web3 counterpart Raine, an NFT Art House. Nova has interviewed best-selling authors, celebrities and presidential candidates, including Priyanka Chopra, Mark Cuban, Kendall Jenner and Ben Carson. A graduate of a NASA T2X accelerator, Nova combines phygital fashion, data and AI to soon launch: "House of Nova.” Connect with her on LinkedIn here.