Teri Wade

Vice President, Marketing and Communications - Amida Care

Teri Wade has more than 25 years of experience leading nonprofit communications and marketing programs for organizations in a variety of fields, including health and human services, education, philanthropy, arts and culture, and social research. She has served as a strategic communications consultant to numerous mission-driven organizations, helping them develop strategies to increase their visibility and impact. She is currently the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Amida Care, a nonprofit community health insurance plan designed for New Yorkers with complex medical conditions. Wade is also on the Board of Directors of Ariva, a nonprofit organization that empowers low-wealth New Yorkers with financial management tools and assistance to help them achieve economic stability. She earned a master’s degree in corporate communication from Baruch College/CUNY and a B.A. in media studies from Fordham University. In 2019, she was recognized with a Schneps Media Power Women in Business Award.