Reese’s responds to online criticism with ‘All Trees Are Beautiful’ campaign

The brand is garnering positive PR for the way it’s returned consumers’ snark and played on current trends after a backlash with its Christmas candy.

When Reese’s tree-shaped chocolate/peanut butter concoctions were shape-shamed on social media this holiday season, the brand didn’t sit back and take it.

Many said that the candy more closely resembled excrement than pine, and took to Twitter to criticize the brand’s effort:

Inquisitr reported that Reese’s originally responded to complaints with a “canned response”:

Reese’s initially responded to the complaints of fans who took to social media with a stock, canned response. Upset consumers were told that “this is not the perfect experience we’re going for. Please send us a note so we can help,” then directed to Hershey’s customer service page. Unfortunately for Reese’s the story went viral (despite this not being the first year that Reese’s trees have come under fire for their un-tree-like appearance), and the social media complaints became legion.

However, shortly after the mea culpa, and with social media users’ complaints going viral, the brand’s social media team responded the best way it knew how. It went on the offensive, and jokingly called out social media users for bullying the misshapen treats:

The tactic seems to have worked. The conversation has turned from “woops” to “well done”:

If you don’t like what people are saying about you … Reese’s knows the rest.

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What do you think of the brand’s response, PR Daily readers?


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