Repent, ye bloggers—the end is nigh: Google+ is coming to annihilate you

Some commentators are saying Google’s new social network is going to kill the blogger, to which the author suggests otherwise and explains why.

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Google+ is the latest alleged killer. Search the phrase “will Google+ kill” and you’ll find nearly 30,000 results speculating whether Google will kill Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization, email, Flickr, the list goes on. Some of the rationale for these predictions are head-shakingly stupid. Quora was the last shiny new object deemed a blog-killer. Today, I routinely hear people ask, “Remember Quora? Whatever happened to it?”

Although Quora isn’t getting the outpouring of love it did a few months ago, it remains a viable resource for getting solid answers to questions and filling a space somewhere between blogs and Wikipedia (as the founders described it in a Wired piece). This week, I saw a question asking how movie directors deal with action scenes involving creatures—and one answer came from Super 8 director J.J. Abrams.

People don’t have to be gushing about a service in order for it to have value.

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